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Mount Davidson

Story by Tuhin Kumar January 30th, 2014

Almost a bad fog day

This was my first trip to Mount Davidson, so it was a bummer that the fog was not playing nice for getting great shots. Personal highlight was having to read about coyotes on Wikipedia, because I ended up coming way too early when it was still dark, and was afraid that I might run into a coyote.

Mount Davidson-1.jpg
Mount Davidson-2.jpg
Mount Davidson-6.jpg


I finally understand the fascination of my other photo buddies with this tree.

Mount Davidson-3.jpg
Mount Davidson-5.jpg


Met Tristan for the first time. We had wanted to shoot together for a while so it was great to finally meet in real life. Also met Zach Cole and Andi Teggart.

Mount Davidson-7.jpg
Mount Davidson-16.jpg
Mount Davidson-4.jpg


With fog showing no signs of mercy, we decided to explore the trails and see if we could get something good for the day.

Mount Davidson-8.jpg
Mount Davidson-9.jpg
Mount Davidson-10.jpg
Mount Davidson-11.jpg
Mount Davidson-12.jpg

GRADIENTS with fog

For about 15 min, Karl decided to give us breathtaking views of the city, before it covered everything again. All in all, it ended up being a pretty fun shoot because of the brief yet magnificent clearing of the fog to give a glimpse of San Francisco.

Mount Davidson-15.jpg
Mount Davidson-13.jpg
Mount Davidson-17.jpg
Mount Davidson-14.jpg
Footnote: Photos taken with Leica M & Summilux 50mm.
Mount Davidson, San Francisco, CA, United States